50 Great Twitter Feeds for Autism Support


There’s no better time than now to reach out to others to find support, guidance, new medical research, and information about autism. One amazing place to look for these things is on Twitter, where families, experts on autism, organizations, charities, and even people with autism have flocked, creating a strong online community that is ideal for educating and helping those living with autism. Whether you’re a parent, educator, or just someone hoping to learn more about the condition, we’ve listed some of the best Twitter feeds for finding support and information about all things autism.


These feeds are great places for just about anyone to find autism support.

  1. @ASN_tweet: This global autism support network posts regularly, offering interesting questions, links to studies, and great articles from their own site.
  2. @theautismnews: Make sure you’re keeping up with the latest research and discoveries related to autism by following this feed.
  3. @swmoautism: The Autism Support Group provides support and information for families looking to help loved ones who are on the autism spectrum.
  4. @toddfugere: Todd Fugere blogs about a wide range of autism topics and shares links to his writing and his larger support group efforts through this feed.
  5. @AMFAS: Are you a military family? Then look to this feed for help in finding support for autism virtually anywhere in the world.
  6. @autism_support: Those with autism spectrum disorders and their families can find support through this feed.
  7. @MyAutismSupport: This Twitter feed represents an online autism support group for parents, offering up lots of reassuring tweets, helpful articles, and more.
  8. @asdhelp: Autism Community is a great website for meeting other families with ASD children, and you can learn more about the education, communication, and medical resources they share from their feed.
  9. @MyAutismTeam: Join the My Autism Team social network to get connected with an amazing community of autism families and educators online. Afterward, make sure to follow their feed for essential updates and news.
  10. @Autismcentralma: This autism resource center is located in central Massachusetts and provides numerous ways for parents and kids to connect throughout the state and beyond.


Head to one of these organizations’ feeds to find out more about the help and services they offer to the autism community.

  1. @autismspeaks: This organization is one of the best places to get loads of information and to find resources for helping someone with autism. Check out their feed for more information.
  2. @Jakes_House: Jake’s House is an organization that provides assistance and support for families and children living with autism. Through their feed, readers can find out more about the events they sponsor.
  3. @GenRescue: Check out this feed to learn more about the medical resources available to families dealing with autism. While its ideas are a little controversial, you might just find something of interest.
  4. @AgingwithAutism: Autism doesn’t go away once a child grows up. This organization can help you find out about resources to help adults with autism get the help and support they need.
  5. @AutismScienceFd: Stay on the cutting edge of autism research through this scientific organization’s feed.
  6. @GrantAGift: Grant a Gift offers autism support services to children and their families, aiming to improve their quality of life. You can find out more about what they do and how you can get involved by following their feed.
  7. @autismcenter: The Autism Center provides help and information on autism, Asperger’s, and PDD to parents, some of which is passed on through their Twitter feed.
  8. @Autisable: Autisable is a site filled with blogs all about autism. Start following them on Twitter to learn more about autism and to hear real-life stories from others working to understand the condition.
  9. @AutismSociety: Find out how you can give your support to this organization working to help improve the lives of those with autism.
  10. @AutismOne: Here you’ll find information on autism events, research, policy, and a few seriously helpful articles.


Learn how others are helping their autistic children thrive and dealing with the many frustrations that happen along the way, when you follow one of these feeds.

  1. @hollyrpeete: You may know Holly Robinson Peete from her work in television and music, but did you know she’s also the mom of an autistic child? Follow her on Twitter to learn more about her life and her advocacy work.
  2. @CarmenVeal: CEO and fashion designer Carmen Veal balances her day job with running a nonprofit called hope4autisminc, all while raising a daughter with autism.
  3. @HDCautism: Jocelyn is a mom who has two teenage sons with ASD. Visit her feed to learn about her struggles and triumphs and get insights into some of her favorite pastimes.
  4. @myautisticson: Eric shares his journey in parenting a young son with HFA on this feed.
  5. @AutismMomExpert: If you’re looking to connect with other parents of autistic children, check out this feed from Amalia Starr. She has an adult son with autism and today works as a motivational speaker and the founder of the Autism Independence Project.
  6. @AutismNostrum: This autism-focused mom tells it like it is, posting some great insights into life with an autistic child.
  7. @xtremeparenthood: Parenting is always a challenge, but things can get even more so with a child who has autism. Visit this feed to learn more about a dad who’s doing his best raising two boys with severe autism.
  8. @TannersDad: This twitterer is an outspoken advocate for kids with autism, and you can learn more about his mission when you check out his feed.
  9. @autismfamily: Mom Bonnie Sayers is raising two autistic teens as a single parent but still has time to do awesome things like start Autism Twitter Day.
  10. @AutismRealityNB: Harold Doherty’s son Conor has autism, which motivated him to learn more about and educate others on the condition.
  11. @reality_autism: This mom shares peeks inside her life as she raises three young boys with autism.

Experts and Advocates

You can learn a lot from these tweeters who are leading experts and advocates for autism.

  1. @autismtoday: Karen Simmons is the founder of AutismToday.com and an author of several autism-related books, so check out her feed for some savvy advice on all things autism.
  2. @Autism_Women: Connect with the Autism Women’s Network to meet up with others girls and women who have autism or love someone who does.
  3. @GiftsofAutism: Life coach Lori Shayew offers up her advice on autism through this feed.
  4. @AlleviateAutism: Anne Burnett wrote and award-winning book on autism called Step Ahead of Autism, so she’s an obvious choice to follow to learn more about autism issues.
  5. @AutismResources: Founder of National Autism Resources Bonnie Arnwine shares support and information here for helping those with autism live long and fulfilling lives.
  6. @AutismTips: Andrea is a mom of five and a special education teacher who loves to share her ideas for thriving with autism here.
  7. @WendyFournier: Head to this feed to hear more from the president of the National Autism Association.
  8. @SkillSprout: Amy Shymansky heads up SkillsSprout, a program designed to help children with ASDs learn and grow.
  9. @iteachautism: Find loads of resources for teaching students with autism from this special ed teacher and web consultant.
  10. @NutrCareAutism: Diet may play a role for some kids when it comes to autism, so learn more about the nutritional aspects of the condition from registered dietician Judy Converse.
  11. @AutismIsARose: Who’s more of an expert on autism than someone who has it? Here, you’ll find the tweets of Lindsey Nebeker, a woman with autism who’s making waves with her music.

Location Specific

These supportive feeds are location-specific, but even if you don’t live in these communities they still offer some amazing resources for autism.

  1. @AutismSupportVA: Through this feed, residents of Richmond, Va. can find support, services, and resources in the community for helping those with autism.
  2. @AustimSupportMD: Looking for autism support in Cambridge, Mass.? Check out this feed for help.
  3. @Perth_Autism: Those living down under should check out this feed for some great resources on autism support in the Perth area.
  4. @autismfriendsuk: Covering the whole UK, this organization is a great place for British kids and their families to find support.
  5. @socautismsupport: Based in Sonoma County, this autism support group can help parents meet and find support for any challenges they might face.
  6. @AASGautismsyd: Here you’ll find the large and growing autism and Asperger’s support group based out of Sydney, Australia.
  7. @VictoriaAutism: The Victoria Society for Children with Autism, located in British Columbia, provides support, education, and resources to children and teens with autism.
  8. @austismcornwall: Make sure to check out the feed of this British support group for some great articles.