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Medical Billing and Coding Jobs in Ohio

Three significant employers of medical billing and coding professionals in Ohio are:

Adams County Regional Medical Center

Adams County Regional has 31 specialists on staff in a 25-bed critical access facility that has stood since November 1948. The center’s specialties include cardiopulmonary, imaging, occupational health, rehab services, sleep diagnostics, and more. Employee benefits at Adams include supplemental life insurance, discounts on hospital services, free parking, educational assistance, enrollment in the Ohio Deferred Compensation Program, and other perks.

Akron General Medical Center

  • Address: 400 Wabash Avenue, Akron, Ohio 44307
  • Email Address: Click here to fill out their contact form.
  • Phone Number: 330-344-6000
  • Website:

Since 1982, Akron General has grown to house more than 9,000 employees and volunteers. In 2011 alone, they handled 26,249 admissions and 3,269 births. Their services include cancer treatment, emergency care, heart and vascular care, maternity, orthopedics, surgical services, audiology, and others. Benefits at Akron General include medical and dental insurance, vision discounts, flex spending accounts, dependent life insurance, disability, retirement options, and paid time off.

The Bellevue Hospital

Opened in March 1917, TBH now boasts 52 in-house physicians and 67 courtesy physicians who cover 35 specialties. TBH has 32 private rooms, 11 emergency exam areas, and 23 other rooms. Some of their services include cardiac rehab, cardiopulmonology, emergency care, ICU, a heart failure clinic, and others. Benefits at TBH include health, major medical, dental, vision, paid time off, two-weeks’ worth of vacation the first year, reduced hospital service charges, and more.

Medical Billing and Coding Salary in Ohio

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), approximately 7,000 medical billing and coding professionals work in the state of Ohio. In fact, the state employs the seventh-highest number of medical billers and coders in the country. Ohio is an excellent area for individuals hoping to gain a career in the field, as new job openings in the health field are created regularly.

The BLS also reports that the unemployment rate in the state has dropped slightly over the past six months, falling from 7.7% in January of 2012, to 7.2% as of June 2012. Below is a list that outlines the current state of employment for medical billers and coders in Ohio. The following data is derived from information provided by the BLS.

While proper education is an important part of a career in medical billing and coding, earning a certification after graduating can be equally important when it comes to finding a job in the field. Individuals can earn their certification through the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). According to the BLS, most employers prefer their billing and coding employees to be certified by the AAPC. While the AAPC offers several certifications, their most basic is the Certified Professional Coder (CPC) credential. To earn this credential, AAPC recommends having an associate degree, requires that students have a minimum of two years of professional coding experience, and requires students to pass an exam. Traditional, online, and hybrid programs can prepare students for the certification exam, while others may include the examination during the program.

Top Cities in Ohio for Medical Billing and Coding Careers

Below is a list of the top cities for employing medical billing and coding professionals. The information is adapted from resources supplied by the BLS.

  1. Cleveland-Elyria-Mentor, OH

    About 1,340 medical billers and coders work in the Cleveland-Elyria-Mentor metropolitan area — about 18% of the state total. They make an average of $18.14 per hour and $37,720 per year, both second-highest in the state. Those in the ninetieth percentile make $55,070 annually, highest in the state, while those in the bottom percentile make $24,410 annually.

  2. Toledo, OH

    In Toledo, there are approximately 400 medical billers and coders who earn the highest wages in the state. The average worker makes $18.36 hourly and $38,190 annually. The tenth percentile wage is $21,240 annually, while the ninetieth percentile wage is $57,540 annually.

  3. Columbus, OH

    Columbus employs about 940 medical billers and coders who make, on average, $16.64 per hour and $34,610 per year. The top 10% of workers make $49,970 annually while the bottom 10% make $23,400 annually.

  4. Cincinnati-Middletown, OH

    The 1,510 medical billers and coders in the Cincinnati-Middletown metropolitan area make up about 20% of the state total. The average employee makes $17.11 hourly and $35,590 annually, both above the national and state averages. The annual tenth percentile wage is $24,220 and the annual ninetieth percentile wage is $55,590.

  5. Dayton, OH

    In Dayton, there are about 740 medical billers and coders, and the average worker makes $15.54 per hour and $32,310 per year. Those in the top tenth percentile make $45,100 annually, while those in the bottom tenth percentile make $23,030 annually.

  6. Akron, OH

    Approximately 450 medical billers and coders work in Akron. The average employee’s mean wage is $15.51 hourly and $32,250 annually. The highest percentile wage is $44,410 annually, while the lowest percentile wage is $24,120 annually.

  7. Springfield, OH

    The 70 medical billers and coders in Springfield make an hourly mean wage of $14.96 and an annual mean wage of $31,110. Those in the highest and lowest wage brackets fall below the national and state averages, with the highest-paid percentile making $43,850 annually and those in the lowest-paid percentile making $22,590 annually.

  8. Canton-Massillon, OH

    There are approximately 290 medical billing and coding professionals in the Canton-Massillon metropolitan area. The average hourly wage is $15.12, while the average annual wage is $31,450. The tenth percentile annual wage is $20,620 and the ninetieth percentile annual wage is $45,350 annually.

  9. Lima, OH

    About 120 medical billers and coders work in Lima, and make an average of $14.61 per hour and $30,380 per year. The lowest tenth percentile of wages is $21,660 annually, while the highest tenth percentile of wages is $42,260 annually.

  10. Mansfield, OH

    In Mansfield, there are about 50 medical billers and coders. Average employees make $14.60 per hour and $30,370 annually. The tenth percentile wage is $23,010 annually, while the ninetieth percentile wage is $44,370 annually.