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Medical Billing and Coding Jobs in Oklahoma

Three significant employers of medical billing and coding professionals in Oklahoma are:

Arbuckle Memorial Hospital

Arbuckle Memorial has five physicians on staff in a 25-bed facility. Specialties include 24-hour emergency care, heart attack and stroke, pap smears, urology, cataract surgery, endoscopy, and imaging. Employee benefits at Arbuckle include health, dental, life and vision coverage, a 403b, continuing education assistance, paid time off, and more.

The Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis

Opened in 2005, Saint Francis has 95 pediatricians and 45 pediatric subspecialists on staff. Pediatric services include neurology, oncology, cardiology, cardiac surgery, diabetes, gastroenterology, neurosurgery, and urology. Saint Francis employee benefits include retirement options, paid time off, tuition reimbursement, vision, dental, health, and life insurance, a smoking cessation program, and more.

Duncan Regional Hospital

Founded in 1977, Duncan Regional now has 167 beds with more than 70 physicians on staff. Their services include a sleep center, rehab services, hospice care, imaging, cardiac rehab, a cancer treatment center, and surgical services. Benefits at Duncan Regional include paid days off, health, dental, vision and life insurance, supplemental life insurance, tuition and book reimbursement, long term disability, and other perks.

Medical Billing and Coding Salary in Oklahoma

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), approximately 3,170 medical billing and coding professionals work in the state of Oklahoma. While the number is not particularly high, Oklahoma does have the fifth highest number of medical billing and coding professionals per thousand jobs at 2.12. This makes Oklahoma an excellent state to pursue a career in the field.

The BLS also reports that the unemployment rate in the state has dropped significantly over the past six months, plummeting from 6.1% in January of 2012, to 4.7% in June of 2012. Below is a list that outlines the current state of employment for medical billing and coding professionals in Oklahoma. The following data is derived from information provided by the BLS.

In addition to earning an accredited degree in medical billing and coding, it is also important that medical billing and coding professionals become certified. Certification is offered by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). The organization offers several certifications specific to the field. The most common is the Certified Professional Coder (CPC) certification. To earn the CPC credential, AAPC recommends that an individual hold at least an associate degree, requires two years of medical billing and coding experience, and requires an exam. Many traditional and online degree programs in medical billing and coding will specifically prepare students for the exam, while others may even offer the exam as part of the curricula.

Top Cities in Oklahoma for Medical Billing and Coding Careers

Below is a list of the top cities for employing medical billing and coding professionals. The information is adapted from resources supplied by the BLS.

  1. Oklahoma City, OK

    In Oklahoma, almost 40% of all medical billers and coders work in Oklahoma City. The city’s 1,120 workers make an average wage of $15.46 hourly and $32,160 annually, both under the national averages but above the state averages. The lowest 10% of wages is $19,880 annually and the highest 10% is $50,620 annually, highest in the state and almost $3,000 more than the state average.

  2. Lawton, OK

    Only 90 medical billing and coding professionals work in Lawton, but they make the highest hourly wages in the state on average, at $15.96. The annual mean wage is $33,210. Those in the tenth percentile make $18,030 annually, lower than the national and state averages, while those in the ninetieth percentile make $49,870 annually, $2,000 more than the state average.

  3. Tulsa, OK

    In Tulsa, there are around 1,010 medical billers and coders who make $15.45 per hour and $32,130 per year, on average. This is higher than the state averages, but slightly lower than national averages. The annual tenth percentile wage is highest in the state at $21,580, while the annual ninetieth percentile wage is $46,730.