Medical Billing and Coding Salary in Connecticut

Medical Billing and Coding Schools in Connecticut

  • 1,400 Number of Medical Billing and Coding Employees in Connecticut
  • $40,790 Average Medical Billing and Coding Salary in Connecticut
  • $58,230 90th Percentile Salary
  • $26,590 10th Percentile Salary

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In Connecticut, unemployment is on a decline, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). In December of 2011, the unemployment rate was 8.1%. In May of 2012, that number had decreased to 7.8%. Though Connecticut is a small state, it’s an active area for many professionals — medical billers and coders included.

Below is a list that outlines the state of employment for Connecticut medical billers and coders, which is compiled from the BLS. Despite Connecticut’s size, it offers job opportunities for many medical billers and coders, and a high average salary for employees. Therefore, Connecticut is a good place for prospective medical billing and coding professionals to settle down.

The best medical billing and coding job prospects are offered to individuals who have obtained certification. To earn AAPC certification, prospective medical billers and coders must take a certification exam. Many medical billing and coding educational programs — which students can take online, in the classroom, or in blended format — prepare students for the certification exam by teaching them important coding languages and procedures. In addition, some programs allow students to take the exam while they are enrolled.