Medical Billing and Coding Salary in Georgia

Medical Billing and Coding Schools in Georgia

  • 4,990 Number of Medical Billing and Coding Employees in Georgia
  • $33,320 Average Medical Billing and Coding Salary in Georgia
  • $51,550 90th Percentile Salary
  • $20,710 10th Percentile Salary

Salary Averages in South Atlantic Region

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the unemployment rate in Georgia decreased from 7.4% in December 2011 to 6.9% in April of 2012. Though the rate increased to 7.0% as of May 2012, the unemployment rate seems to be staying below 7.1%, which is good news after a particularly rough peak in unemployment in 2009 and 2010.

In particular, education and healthcare jobs have increased since 2011, which is good news for Georgia medical billers and coders. The list below, which is derived from the BLS, describes the number of medical billing and coding jobs and the average salaries seen by Georgia residents.

In Georgia, the best job prospects will be open to medical billers and coders that have earned their national certification in the field. Many medical billing and coding certificate and degree programs prepare students for the AAPC medical coding certification examination by introducing them to coding languages, medical terminology, anatomy, and billing procedures. These programs can be completed either online or in the traditional classroom, and some offer the coding certification exam as part of the degree plan.