Medical Billing and Coding Salary in Kentucky

Medical Billing and Coding Schools in Kentucky

  • 2,730 Number of Medical Billing and Coding Employees in Kentucky
  • $32,590 Average Medical Billing and Coding Salary in Kentucky
  • $50,430 90th Percentile Salary
  • $19,870 10th Percentile Salary

Salary Averages in East South Central Region

Economic recovery in Kentucky is moving along at an encouraging pace. The Federal Reserve reported per capita income levels in Kentucky reached pre-recession heights in 2012, exciting news for a state whose economy sometimes lags behind others U.S. states. Kentucky’s growing healthcare industry and healthcare-related jobs are among the factors believed to be supporting recovery.

Positions in Kentucky’s medical billing and coding industry are among of the fastest growing occupations in the healthcare. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in medical coding and billing occupations is expected to increase 21%, which is faster than average growth rates for other professions.

Medical coding and billing professionals can enhance their job prospects by earning their AAPC certification. AAPC-certified professionals complete an official exam measuring their knowledge of standard billing and coding processes and procedures, as well as their practical applications. To prepare for the certification exam, some online prep courses are available and students may be able to complete the exam within the course itself.