Medical Billing and Coding Jobs in Alaska

Three significant employers of medical billing and coding professionals are:

Alaska Regional Hospital

Alaska Regional has existed since 1963 and currently has 250 beds. They have 1,000 employees and more than 500 independent practitioners. Alaska Regional is the only non-military hospital in the state that has its own air strip. Benefits include disability, sick days, paid holidays, and flexible vacation times.

Advanced Pain Centers of Alaska (APCA)

  • Address: 1917 Abbott Road, Suite 100, Anchorage, AK 99507
  • Phone Number: (907) 278-2741
  • Website:

APCA was founded in July 2000 to bring pain relief to Alaskans. Founders Dr. Larry Stinson and Dr. Grant Roderer started APCA inside Alaska Regional Hospital, and because of the number of patients requiring treatment for chronic pain, APCA expanded rapidly. About 20% of patients had to drive from Fairbanks to Anchorage for treatment, so APCA opened a second office in Fairbanks in 2002.

Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC)

  • Address: 4000 Ambassador Drive, Anchorage, AK 99508
  • Phone Number: (907) 729-1900
  • Website:

The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium has been in charge of healthcare services for native Alaskans since 1997. The Consortium encompasses four divisions. These divisions include: the Alaska Native Medical Center (ANMC), the Division of Environmental Health and Engineering (DEHE), the Division of Community Health Services (DCHS), and the Consortium Business Support Services (CBSS).

The Alaska Native Medical Center is a 150-bed facility with more than 700 nurses and 250 board certified physicians. It is the highest rated trauma center in the state. The Division of Environmental Health and Engineering is responsible for wastewater and for maintaining healthcare facilities. The Division of Community Health Services does research on pollution and promotes immunization. Consortium Business Support Services is the statewide support system for all Native Alaskan services.

Medical Billing and Coding Salary in Alaska

Relative to the rest of the nation, Alaska’s unemployment rate is on the lower end of the spectrum. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Alaska’s unemployment rate has remained at or below 7.0% since July 2017.

The smaller amount of cities in the state naturally means that the number of medical billing and coding job opportunities in Alaska are relatively low when compared to other states. However, individuals can pursue medical billing and coding jobs available at some of the largest medical institutions in Alaska. The list below, derived from information provided by the BLS, outlines the state of employment for professional medical billers and coders in Alaska.

Prospective medical billers and coders must take the APPC’s coding certification exam prior to becoming certified coders. An education in medical billing and coding will prepare students to take the exam, by including coding languages and medical terminology as part of the curriculum. Students can choose to take their classes online, face-to-face, or in a hybrid format. In addition to preparing students for the certification exam, some programs also include the examination as part of the curriculum.

Top Cities in Alaska for Medical Billing and Coding Careers

Below is a list of the top cities in Alaska, compiled with medical billing and coding employment information compiled from the BLS.

  1. Anchorage, AK

    Anchorage employs about 330 medical billers and coders. The average pay is $20.59 an hour or $42,820 per year.

  2. Fairbanks

    Fairbanks boasts 90 medical billing professionals who earn an average of $22.34 an hour, or $46,460 yearly.

  3. Southeast Alaska

    The southeastern region has 60 medical billers and coders. The mean wage is $26.33 per hour, or $54,760 per year.

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