Medical Billing and Coding Jobs in Illinois

Three significant employers of medical billing and coding professionals in Illinois are:

Alton Memorial Hospital

Alton Memorial was the dream of Alice E. Smith, who founded the Illinois Glass Company in Alton. Alice’s two daughters, Eunice and Ellen, made their mother’s dream a reality in 1936, founding Alton Memorial five years after Alice passed away in 1931. The hospital’s services include outpatient surgery and testing, rehabilitation and sports medicine, pain management, gastroenterology, women’s health services, and several health education and wellness programs. In addition to insurance, paid time off, and other benefits, Alton offers tuition assistance to employees who work 30 or more hours per pay period.

Central DuPage Hospital

  • Address: 25 North Winfield Road, Winfield, IL 60190
  • Phone Number: (630) 933-1600
  • Website:

Central DuPage opened in 1964 with 113 beds and 66 physicians. Today, it has 390 beds and employs more than 900 physicians. Its specialties include cardiovascular care, children’s health, neuroscience, oncology, orthopedics, and pediatrics. The benefits of working at Central DuPage include education assistance, health insurance, paid time off, and retirement options.

Decatur Memorial Hospital

  • Address: 2300 N. Edward Street, Decatur, Illinois 62526
  • Phone Number: (217) 876-8121
  • Website:

Decatur Memorial opened on June 1, 1916. Since then it has grown to become a 300-bed facility with nearly 2,100 employees. Its various institutes include centers for cancer, heart and lung treatment, allergy treatment, head and neck treatment, a family birth center, and a women’s health and breast center. Benefits include a PPO or HDP plan, prescription drug benefits, reduced inpatient and outpatient expenses, COBRA coverage, continuing education assistance, and health savings accounts.

Medical Billing and Coding Salary in Illinois

The unemployment rate in Illinois has remained consistently below 5% from March 2017 to August 2017, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports. This is good news for unemployed Illinois medical billing and coding professionals, as job availability on the whole may be increasing.

In particular, education and healthcare jobs have slightly increased from August 2016 and August 2017. In fact, Illinois still employs over 8,000 medical billers and coders. For a better idea of the employment situation for Illinois medical billers and coders, refer to the list below, which is derived from the BLS.

In Illinois, the best job opportunities are awarded to certified medical billers and coders. To earn certification, medical billing and coding professionals must sit for the AAPC medical coding certification examination. Many medical billing and coding programs prepare students for this exam by teaching them the coding languages and running them through simulated coding and billing procedures. Such programs can be taken online or in traditional format, and some even allow enrolled students to take the certification exam prior to graduating.

Top Cities in Illinois for Medical Billing and Coding Careers

Provided below is a list of the top cities that employ medical billers and coders in Illinois. It is derived from the BLS.

  1. Decatur, IL

    The 50 medical billers and coders in Decatur earn an hourly wage of $18.60 or an annual wage of $38,690 on average.

  2. Lake County-Kenosha County, IL- WI Metropolitan Division

    This area has a total of 810 medical billing and coding employees. It pays its workers $21.39 an hour or $44,500 a year on average.

  3. Chicago-Naperville-Arlington Heights, IL Metropolitan Division

    This area employs a high number of medical billing and coding professionals — 4,370. They earn an average hourly rate of $22.26 or an average annual rate of $46,290.

  4. Chicago-Naperville-Elgin, IL-IN-WI

    This region employs the highest number of medical billers and coders on this list: 5,720. Average pay is $21.79 per hour or $45,330 per year.

  5. Champaign-Urbana, IL

    There are around 250 medical billers and coders in this area of Illinois. Hourly wages average at $16.45 and annual wages average at $34,210.

  6. Rockford, IL

    Among the 300 billers and coders employed in Rockford, the average salary is $18.15 hourly or $37,760 annually.

  7. St. Louis, MO – IL

    St. Louis is home to 2,410 billers and coders, which is the third highest on this list. The average hourly salary rate is $20.34 and the average yearly salary rate is $42,300.

  8. Bloomington, IL

    There are around 130 medical billers and coders in this area. The average pay for this area is $16.92 an hour or $35,190 annually.

  9. Springfield, IL

    Springfield employs 330 medical billers and coders. The average salary is $42,060 annually or $20.22 an hour.

  10. Northwest Illinois non-metro area

    The 200 employees in this area earn a mean salary of $36,060 or $17.33 per hour.

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