Medical Billing and Coding Jobs in Nevada

Three significant employers of medical billing and coding professionals in Nevada are:

Boulder City Hospital

Boulder City Hospital opened on November 15, 1931. Today, it is an 82-bed facility which includes a 25-bed acute care/swing bed, a 47-bed long-term care facility, and a 10-bed geriatric center. Services include skilled nursing, laboratory services, home health, rehab, radiology and imaging, surgical services, emergency care, and mental health outpatient treatment. Benefits include health insurance, a 403b retirement plan, tuition reimbursement and other perks.

Children’s Heart Center

This facility’s physicians treat children for a variety of ailments including chest pain, known heart problems, passing out, irregular heartbeats, hypertension, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, rheumatic fever, Kawasaki’s Disease, and other cardiology-related problems. Benefits at Children’s Heart Center include corporate membership discounts to Gold’s Gym, all major holidays off, and a childcare discount through La Petite Academy.

Mesa View Regional Hospital

Services at Mesa View Regional include urology, plastic surgery, orthopedics, obstetrics, gynecology, general surgery, allergy and immunology, dentistry, dermatology, and more. Benefits at Mesa View Regional include retirement plan options, paid time off, tuition assistance, hospital discounts, and other perks.

Medical Billing and Coding Salary in Nevada

Nevada’s unemployment rate has remained stable at just below 5% between April 2017 and September 2017, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The BLS report also noted that the education & health services industry, the umbrella industry that includes medical billing and coding, saw an increase in employment over this same time span. Despite its tourism- and construction-focused economy, Nevada keeps medical billers and coders busy by being an active medical record research state.

BLS reports that the medical billing and coding industry nationwide will see a 13% employment increase between 2016 and 2026 due to the nation’s aging population. The average annual salary for medical billing and coding professionals in Nevada is $44,290, higher than the national 2016 median wage of $38,040 per year for these workers.

Most prospective medical billers and coders obtain American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) Certified Professional Coder (CPC) certification. According to the BLS, the majority of employers prefer to hire employees who are certified; additionally, the AAPC found in 2011 that certified medical billers and coders earned 17% more than those not certified. There are five certifications offered by the AAPC, three of which are entry-level: CPC, CPC – Outpatient Hospital (CPC-H), and CPC – Payer (CPC-P). In order to obtain a CPC certification, students must become a member of the AAPC and pass a certification examination; they must also prove to the AAPC that they have either two years of billing and coding professional experience or 80 hours of coding education and one year of on-the-job experience. Students can prepare for the certification exam by enrolling in traditional or online medical billing and coding programs available through various higher education institutions. Sometimes, programs allow students to take the CPC exam while still enrolled.

Top Cities in Nevada for Medical Billing and Coding Careers

Listed below are the top areas for medical billing and coding employment in Nevada. The information is derived from the BLS.

  1. Las Vegas-Paradise, NV

    A majority of the medical billers and coders in Nevada work in the Las Vegas-Paradise metropolitan area. There are roughly 1,260 employees who make wages above the state averages. The BLS reports that the average hourly wage is $21.37 and the average annual wage is $44,450.

  2. Reno, NV

    In the Reno metropolitan area, there are about 310 medical billers and coders. They earn the highest pay in the state with an average of $21.6 per hour and $44,930 per year, according to BLS figures.

  3. Carson City, NV

    Some of the highest wages for medical billers and coders in Nevada can be found in Carson City. According to the BLS, the 60 workers in this city make an hourly mean wage of $21.52 and an annual mean wage of $44,770.

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