Professional Networking in Medical Billing and Coding

Professional networking, whether done in person or online, helps graduates of billing and coding programs enhance their career development by making connections within the field and expanding employment prospects. Through networking events like conferences and seminars, medical billing and coding graduates can find mentors, share knowledge and resources within the industry, and discover new job opportunities. Additionally, online professional networking sites like help medical billing and coding graduates forge virtual connections through existing professional relationships. In any kind of setting, professional networking requires good interpersonal skills, confidence in your expertise, and a willingness to take reasonable risks with regard to advancing your career.

While networking efforts typically focus on professional relationships, they can also foster connections whereby people who work in the same field discover commonalities in their personal lives. These more personalized contacts can lead to long-term, symbiotic relationships between professionals in medical billing and coding. Networking is an excellent opportunity for those without much experience in the field to get their foot in the door, particularly for medical billing and coding graduates who want to explore different work environments.

How Do You Network in Medical Billing and Coding?

Different Types of Professional Networks in Medical Billing and Coding

Professional networking encompasses many types of connections within the medical billing and coding industry, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. These include operational networks, which focus on the ins and outs of day-to-day relationships and generally work best for enhancing pre-existing professional connections. However, operational connections often don’t create long-term opportunities. Alternatively, personal networks serve to create and explore new connections in the interest of professional development and can function both internally and externally to an organization. Strategic networks, which focus on future priorities, work best for internal connections within one company, but can extend to external contacts in certain cases.

Networking Events in Medical Billing and Coding

Networking events can play a crucial role in the medical billing and coding field with respect to sharing industry knowledge, passing along helpful resources, and making new professional contacts. Typically hosted by local businesses or professional organizations at convention centers or other large venues, these networking events often provide a variety of offerings for attendees, such as lectures and seminars, job fairs, question-and-answer sessions with experts, and social events. Attendees can take advantage of this varied format to network many different ways, such as handing out business cards or discussing takeaways from a lecture session with other medical billing and coding professionals at a subsequent dinner. While these networking events generally require attendees to pay a registration fee, companies often cover this expense in the interest of professional development for their employees.

Elevator Pitches in Medical Billing and Coding

Typically best suited for a brief conversation with a potential networking contact, an elevator pitch is a short speech wherein you promote yourself and your professional value. Your pitch, which should generally last about 30 seconds, should include a short introduction of you who are; a description of your medical billing and coding skills, experience, and expertise; and a request for a response of some kind.

Social Networking Sites for Medical Billing and Coding Professionals

Social networking sites like are excellent ways to connect with other professionals in the medical billing and coding industry. Other helpful sites include and Offering services like referrals, connections with recruiters, and professional directories, these sites are useful for medical billing and coding professionals who are just getting started and those who already established themselves in the field. These sites provide advantages over in-person networking, including the ability to reach out to many people in less time and the fact that everything's in writing and easily referenceable at a later date. However, you typically have to pay some sort of fee to be a member of these networking sites, and you might find yourself missing the more personal elements of face-to-face interactions.

Tips for Networking in Medical Billing and Coding

As with any professional skill, networking gets easier and more beneficial with experience. Early in your career, you might make a networking blunder that you'll learn to never repeat after suffering the potentially embarrassing consequences, but that can happen to anyone. What’s most important is that you learn from your mistakes.

Networking Event "Do's" for Medical Billing and Coding Professionals

Networking Event "Don'ts" for Medical Billing and Coding Professionals

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