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Medical Billing and Coding Jobs in California

Three significant employers of medical billing and coding professionals in California are:

Adventist Health

Adventist Health boasts nearly 21,000 employees, with 19 hospitals and more than 2,800 beds. They operate 38 rural clinics, 14 home health agencies, and four joint venture retirement centers. Benefits include medical, vision, and dental plans, life and AD&D insurance, paid time off, short-term disability, tax-deferred annuities, and savings plans. They provide time off for the completion of more college credits and for license renewal.

Desert Regional Medical Center

  • Address: 1150 N. Indian Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262
  • Email Address: You must contact them via this contact page.
  • Phone Number: (760) 323-6511
  • Website:

Since 1951, the Palm Springs region has been served by Desert Regional Medical Center. Among the largest centers in the region, Desert Regional has 387 beds and several departments including emergency/trauma services, a women and infants center, a bariatric team, and a cardiovascular institute. As part of the Tenet network, Desert Regional Medical Center offers benefits that include income replacement, paid time off, an employee stock purchase plan, and medical, vision, dental, and life insurance.

Garfield Medical Center

Garfield Medical Center consists of more than 1,300 employees and 500 doctors. It prides itself on having employees from diverse backgrounds, and offers a variety of language translation services. Annually, Garfield Medical Center treats an average of 13,000 intake patients and 40,000 outpatient individuals. Employees receive many benefits, including a 401K plan and health insurance.

Medical Billing and Coding Salary in California

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), California employs the largest number of professional medical billers and coders in the nation. California is therefore an excellent state for prospective medical billers and coders, as new job openings in the healthcare field are created yearly.

In fact, the BLS reports that California unemployment has decreased, down at 10.8% in May 2012 from 11.2%, which was seen in December of 2011.Education and health service jobs, in particular, have increased since 2011. Below is a list that outlines the current state of employment for medical billers and coders in California, which is derived from information provided by the BLS.

Medical billing and coding job prospects in California are best for professionals who have earned their coding certification. To do so, individuals must take the AAPC medical coding certification exam. The classes that students take as students of medical billing and coding prepare them for this exam, and some even offer the exam as part of the curriculum. Students can receive instruction on campus, online, or in hybrid format.

Top Cities in California for Medical Billing and Coding Careers

Below is a list of the top cities for employing medical billing and coding professionals. The information is adapted from resources supplied by the BLS.

  1. Los Angeles – Long Beach – Santa Ana, CA

    One of the most populated areas of California, this area employs 6,620 medical billers and coders, who earn a mean hourly and annual wage of $19.25 and $40,030, respectively. The top 10% of employees earns $60,730, while the bottom 10% earns $25,090.

  2. Los Angeles – Long Beach – Glendale, CA Metropolitan Division

    This area of California has 5,090 billers and coders who earn a mean hourly rate of $18.67 or $38,830 per year. The top 10% of employees earns $59,250 and the bottom 10% makes $25,040.

  3. San Francisco – San Mateo – Redwood City, CA Metropolitan Division

    While this area houses only 790 medical billers and coders, employees in this area earn the highest average hourly wage in California — $23.01 per hour, which averages out to $47,860 per year. This area also pays the highest amount to the top 10% of workers. They are paid $71,190 annually, while the bottom 10% earns $26,830.

  4. San Diego – Carlsbad – San Marcos, CA

    There are a relatively high number of medical billers and coders in this region — 1,640. Those medical billers and coders average $19.64 an hour or $40,850 per year. The top 10% earns $65,380, while the bottom 10% averages $25,030 annually.

  5. Riverside – San Bernardino – Ontario, CA

    This California region employs 1,530 medical billers and coders that make $18.86 an hour or $39,220 per year. The top 10% of employees earns $57,640, while the bottom 10% makes $24,030.

  6. Santa Ana – Anaheim – Irvine, CA Metropolitan Division

    This division of California is home to 1,530 medical billers and coders who average $21.19 an hour or $44,000 annually. The top 10% earns $66,790, while the bottom 10% earns $25,370.

  7. San Jose – Sunnyvale – Santa Clara, CA

    This area of California only employs 590 billers and coders, but these employees earn a high median hourly and annual wage — $22.26 per hour or $46,300 per year. The top 10% of wage earners takes home $67,690, while the bottom 10% takes home $30,560.

  8. Oakland – Fremont – Hayward, CA Metropolitan Division

    The top 10% of the 1,450 billers and coders in this area brings in $64,310 a year, while the bottom 10% makes $26,970. They have average hourly wages of $21.14 and an average annual salary of $43,980.

  9. San Francisco – Oakland – Fremont, CA

    This region of California employs 2,230 billing and coding professionals. Average hourly wages are $21.80 and the average annual salary of medical billers and coders in this area is $45,350. The top 10% makes $68,010, while the bottom 10% earns $26,900 per year.

  10. Sacramento – Arden – Arcade – Roseville, CA

    This section of California is home to 730 medical billers and coders whose mean hourly and yearly wages are $20.54 and $42,710, respectively. The top 10% of coders makes $60,890, and the bottom 10% brings in $26,070.